Solar Water Heater

We are a noted manufacturer and supplier of supreme grade Solar Water Heater, Commercial Solar Water Heater, etc. The offered heaters are widely commended for their easy operation and eco-friendliness. Solar water heaters use natural sunlight to heat water. This system works on the thermosiphon principle and is designed to provide hot water without consuming expensive electricity. This is the most effective way to generate hot water thereby saving costly power and is also environment friendly. The extra thick SS inner tank & high-density PUF insulation makes owning the Sunwat a superior choice ensuring years of trouble-free hot water for you and your family.

Tube Type

Solar Water Heater is a device which produces hot water for bathing, washing, cleaning, etc. using sunlight during sunny days. It is generally installed at the terrace or where sunlight is available and heats water during daytime which is stored in an insulated storage tank for use when required including mornings.

Flat Plate

Flat plate collector system uses copper / Aluminum 2fins to trap the heat from the sun and transfer it to the water (~60 to 850C ), it is then distributed to utility points via insulated pipelines.